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Round Island Lighthouse Print by Sandra Eisler

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moving Louisiana lighthouse pedestal to Round Island Light.

Lens Pedestal Story

February 20, 2013 - "As you can see in the pictures, the concrete foundation has been completed and is ready for the installation of the steel structure.  Hopefully the weather will hold out and we can get the steel up in the next few weeks.  At which point, we will install the lantern gallery on top and hold a topping ceremony." - Jen Dearman, Director of Community and Economic Development, City of Pascagoula      Click to enlarge
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - The restored lantern room is placed on display at the new lighthouse site.  Please click on thumbnails to view them full size.
Friday, June 1, 2012 - These snapshots show the lighthouse as it now appears.  Please click on thumbnails to view them full size.
  Monday, October 11, 2010 - The base of the lighthouse is moved to its permanent location near the east end of the U.S. Highway 90 bridge over the Pascagoula River. Please click on photos to view them full size.



Before Hurricane Georges


Before the storm - Courtesy of Bob & Sandra Shanklin




Water lapping at the Light - Courtesy of Bruce Parker

After Hurricane Georges



Broken but not beaten - Courtesy of Bob & Sandra Shanklin


A cistern uncovered - Courtesy of Brenda Finnegan

Recovering The Remains



Picking up the pieces - Courtesy of Brenda Finnegan.

Surveying the collection area - Courtesy of Bruce Parker

Reconstruction - Phase I



Driving in the Sheet Piles - Courtesy of Eric Suthoff


The doorway to a new beginning - Courtesy of Eric Suthoff

Aerial Views of Lighthouse


Round Island in all its glory. - Courtesy of Eric Suthoff


The base righted and buried in sand to protect until reconstruction can start.
- Courtesy of Eric Suthof


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